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Advanced Customization

Advanced Customization


Some applications demand complex customization. nVent HOFFMAN can tailor enclosures with an array of special solutions: Holes, threading, cut-outs, increased corrosion resistance, custom colors, transparent windows, ventilation louvres, welded studs, and more.

Access to extensive customization features
nVent HOFFMAN offers a wide range of customization features such as machining, special dimensions, custom colors, and additional protection for harsh environments. 

Our highly automated factory, with state-of-the-art production equipment, is the ideal place for serial production, making customization flexible and cost-effective.

Improved bottom line thanks to nVent HOFFMAN's assembly service
nVent HOFFMAN has invested in technology and automation that allow for modifications to standard products without disrupting the manufacturing process too much. This service is especially competitive for medium to large-sized projects and customers will have a cost-benefit working with nVent HOFFMAN’s Customization.

Furthermore, nVent HOFFMAN offers assembly services for enclosures and accessories for large projects or repetitive business. The purpose of the service is to help customers reduce their costs by taking over some of the labor-intensive assembly work when it comes to standard or customized enclosures.

Fast delivery
Our ambition is to deliver prototypes in just 15 to 20 working days (regular lead time for own produced products is 30 working days​ counting from drawing approval). We understand that engineers often are in a rush and that time to market is crucial.

Learn more about the nVent HOFFMAN Advanced Customization offering by contacting a local sales office.

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