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Conductor to Conductor Connectors

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516 Parallel Cable Connector

Round to Round Connectors

Bi-Metallic Tape Connector

Tape to Tape Connectors

Multi-Purpose Grounding Clamp

Round or Tape Connectors

Through Wall/Roof Assembly, Parallel Conductor to Parallel Conductor

Through Roof/Wall Connectors

Universal Clamp, Solid Round Conductor

Universal Clamp, Solid Round Conductor

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Cable T-Connector

Lightning protection cable or conductor T-Connector.
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Multi-Purpose Grounding Clamp

lightning protection Multi-Purpose Grounding Clamp used for cross connection of conductor.
PH34242.jpg image

In-Line Cable Connector

lightning protection in-line cable conductor connector.
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516 Parallel Cable Connector

Cable splice with positive, single-bolt tension grip on cable or wire.
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Bi-Metallic Tape Connector

Bi-metallic tape connector used to connect points between copper and aluminum tape conductor in a straight run.
PH2046.jpg image

Cross-Run Cable Connector

Lightning protection Cross-Run Cable Connector.
PH35083.jpg image

Mesh Bonding Network Connector, MBNC240

Allows for fast, simple and economical field connection of grounding and bonding wires.
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Stamped Crimp Cable T-Connector

Stamped cable connector with compression type fingers to crimp over cable.
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Multi-Purpose Grounding Clamp, Stainless Steel

Convenient multi-purpose clamp designed to accommodate round conductors, flat conductors, ground rods and rebar.
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517 Parallel Cable Connector

Cable splice with positive two bolt tension grip on cable or wire.