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Railway Electrical Protection

Lightning strikes can cause catastrophic damage to critical rail infrastructure and equipment. Unexpected transient events, or momentary bursts of extremely high voltages, can occur even during normal operations, which is why railway electrical protection is an important part of safe, reliable operations. nVent ERICO offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that combine to provide comprehensive electrical protection for railway properties and assets including classification yards, buildings and structures, bungalows, movable bridges and other areas throughout the network that contain critical equipment.

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Surge Protection

nVent ERICO specializes in both primary and secondary surge protection products for sophisticated railway signaling infrastructure, with solution that protect track signals, equipment power as well as telecommunication systems data and equipment.

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Lightning Protection

A single direct strike can result in catastrophic damage to rail infrastructure. nVent ERICO protects buildings and structures as well as large open areas, such as rail yards, from direct lightning strikes with an innovative our innovative system to capture and dissipate lightning energy.

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Grounding and Bonding

As the railway electrical protection experts, nVent ERICO offers a wide-range of grounding and bonding products to protect railway properties.


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