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Grounding & Bonding Braids

Ready-to-use grounding and bonding braids offer high resistance to the elements

nVent ERIFLEX offers high-quality CPI stainless steel grounding and bonding braids that can be installed in extremely corrosive environments.

Among the most highly resistant 316L stainless steel braids and lugs on the market, they are ideal for applications using stainless steel pipe or tanks, including the food and beverage, building, transportation, oil and chemical industries.

nVent ERIFLEX also uses a proprietary manufacturing process that has been optimized to provide the best braiding, crimping, cutting and punching performance.


  • Superior abrasion, corrosion, chemical and UV resistance
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
  • Ready to use—no cutting, stripping, crimping or punching
  • Resistant to vibration and fatigue
  • Excellent electrical contact
  • No additional lugs or terminals needed
  • Recommended by the EMC/EMI directives
  • EAC compliant
  • RoHS-compliant

nVent ERIFLEX solutions are uniquely designed for low-voltage power and grounding connections used by OEMs and panel builders.

Featured Products

CPI Grounding and Bonding Braid, Stainless Steel

CPIW Grounding and Bonding Braid, Stainless Steel for Large Bolts

MBJ Grounding and Bonding Braid, Tinned Copper

MBJYG Grounding and Bonding Braid, Tinned Copper, Halogen Free

BJ Round Braid with Crimped Lugs


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