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A History of Connection and Protection

We design, manufacture, market, install and service high-performance products and solutions that help build a more sustainable and electrified world.  

For more than a century, nVent brands have been connecting and protecting the world with inventive electrical solutions. We trace our roots back to the 1903 founding of the Electric Railway Improvement Company (today nVent ERICO). At the time, electricity wasn’t widely available in homes and businesses, but it was improving travel. 

As electricity progressed throughout the twentieth century, more of our innovative solutions emerged to connect and protect new systems. In 1945, the HOFFMAN automatic press guard was introduced to stop machinery when workers’ hands got too close. In 1972, the Raychem Corporation introduced the world’s first commercially successful electric self-regulating heat tracing cable to control the temperature of pipework without overheating.  

Today electricity continues to change the world, as its infrastructure becomes more electric, driven by technology and the need for more sustainable solutions. nVent solutions improve energy efficiency, provide end-user safety, reduce installation time, and protect mission critical systems. Just as our brands more than a century ago, we will continue to connect and protect a more sustainable and electrified world.  

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