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Chemical Ground Electrode

Chemical ground electrodes provide a low impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity and dry soil conditions. Used in conjunction with a bentonite backfill and nVent ERICO’s unique GEM material, the nVent ERICO chemical ground rod electrode systems provide a method to improve soil resistivity directly surrounding the electrode, and can replace multiple conventional ground rods. It maintains a low ground resistance, maintenance-free installation that dissipates lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents, even in sandy or rocky soil conditions.

The chemical ground electrode is useful for providing an effective earth in poor soil conditions where space for electrodes is limited. Applications include telecommunications, power generation and distribution, commercial and industrial, manufacturing, transportation (rail and aviation), lightning protection, recreational facilities, and defense. The nVent ERICO chemical ground rod electrode systems are most effective when installed as part of a total system that includes high conductivity backfill materials, access/inspection wells, and permanent, reliable nVent ERICO Cadweld connections. They may be installed either vertically or horizontally.

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Material Copper
ECR ERICO Chemical Ground Electrode System
V Installation H: Horizontal
HE: Horizontal Extended
V: Vertical
E: Vertical Extended
10 Electrode Length (')
2Q Cable Size 1G: #6 Sol, 1L: #4 Str, 1T: #2 Sol, 1V: #2 Str
2C: 1/0 Str, 2G: 2/0 Str, 2K: 3/0 Sol, 2L: 3/0 Str, 2Q: 4/0 Str
2V: 250 kcmil Str, 3D: 350 kcmil Str, 3Q: 500 kcmil Str, 4L: 750 kcmil Str
4 Pigtail Length (')
U Pigtail Orientation U: Up, D: Down
B* Rod assembly only Add "B" for rod assembly only. Leave blank for kit.
* Empty if none
nVent products shall be installed and used only as indicated in nVent's product instruction sheets and training materials. Instruction sheets are available at and from your nVent customer service representative. Improper installation, misuse, misapplication or other failure to completely follow nVent's instructions and warnings may cause product malfunction, property damage, serious bodily injury and death and/or void your warranty.
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