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Enclosure Cooling & Heating

Durable Solutions to Minimize Downtime

Paired with our enclosures, nVent HOFFMAN offers the most complete and innovative thermal management solutions for a variety of applications to meet your equipment protection needs. From standard fan assemblies to air conditioners, heat exchangers, and more, choose from over 2,000 UL®-certified products for reliable operation and longer life of protected components.

Choosing a manufacturer of industrial air conditioners is important. Because nVent HOFFMAN manufactures both industrial enclosures and cooling, we offer the best-of-class performance and protection. For example, our advanced cooling products are designed to complement our offering of standard enclosures. We also know the thermal load pre-calculation that provides optimum cooling options for components, enclosure package, and environment. In addition, we have dedicated cooling experts paired with more than 3,000 distributors to provide any technical assistance when needed.

Equipment Failures Due to Heat Can Add Up Quickly

Extreme temperatures can have the following effects on industrial control equipment, which means your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can drastically increase if the issue isn't resolved quickly.

  • Catastrophic failures can occur
  • Silicone material properties can change
  • Drive performance is de-rated
  • I/C-based devices may experience intermittent fluctuations in output and voltage migration
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) decreases exponentially


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Air Conditioners

Get the intelligent, energy-efficient, low-noise, reliable cooling systems you need to meet your specific requirements. All developed and tested to highest standards.

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Open-Loop Cooling

Get the right level of protection. When you need an economical, high-performance cooling solution for light heat loads, take advantage of our open-loop systems.

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Cooling and Heating Accessories

Count on single-source accountability for support and service. Get all the components you need to protect, connect and control high performance in optimal environments.

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Heat Exchangers

For applications exposed to high-ambient temperatures and/or extremely dusty and dirty conditions, rely on the superior engineering and efficiency of our heat exchangers.

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Protect your equipment with our thermostatically controlled, fan-driven heater that maintains a stable enclosure temperature.

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Maximize the life of your equipment. Maintain optimal temperatures and regulate moisture for your critical components.

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Vortex Coolers

Powered by compresses air, Vortex Cooling Systems generate chilled air to cool small enclosures without refrigerants or moving parts.

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Enclosure Cooling Aftermarket Services

Rely on HOFFMAN’s industry-leading brand of cooling and thermal management solutions for product quality and aftermarket care.

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Need help getting started?

Find a local sales office or distributor that services nVent HOFFMAN cooling solutions.