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Flexible, progressive, efficient solutions for the automotive industry

From inventive electrical and electronic enclosures to heating for exhaust systems to temperature control and maintenance for sensitive liquids, rely on industry-leading solutions from nVent to keep your processes flowing, and your people and equipment protected.

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Electrical Enclosures

Electrical Safety

Facility Electrical Protection

Industrial Electronics Enclosures

Universal test system for endurance testing of various electrical components, such as camera and radar systems, for the automotive industry.

For the customized electronics and unique customer requirements, a complete system solution was required. The systems had to serve as a test bench and had to be designed either as portable and stackable desktop cases or as subracks that could be mounted in a 19-inch rack. 

The test bench also contains a system that should only function as a power supply system supplying power to the other test components and as a control unit for the integrated screen and keyboard. 

The hardware inside of each test slot had to allow independent configuration with reusable hardware modules. In addition, the customer was looking for a complete solution provider capable of assembling and testing this complex system.

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As the automotive world increasingly turns to renewable energy sources, numerous opportunities and incentives are driving innovators to design and develop high performance electric vehicles.

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As the world increasingly turns to renewable energy sources, innovators are heeding the call to empower the automotive industry’s future.

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Choose nVent for the highest quality, most reliable nVent electrical enclosures and cooling solutions, plus our complete portfolio of state-of-the-art accessories.

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At nVent, we believe safer systems ensure a more secure world. The electrification of everything is driving the need to connect and protect electrical systems.

Global IEC Product Portfolio

At nVent we are focused on boosting your productivity and reducing your operational costs. We offer a comprehensive range of modular electrical enclosures, digital tools to support engineering, and machines for panel shop automation.

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The user-friendly nVent Cable Entry Systems portfolio makes it faster and easier to feedthrough and install cables into electrical enclosures. The portfolio features sealed entrance points for cables and maintains high ingress protection ratings – IP54 and IP66 – against dust, water and vibration.

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