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Fastening and Hanging

Trusted solutions for commercial, datacom & telecom applications.

Save critical time and money while running a safe and efficient job site with nVent CADDY fastening and hanging products. They are innovatively and intuitively designed to simplify installation with as few tools as possible and provide long-lasting performance that saves on maintenance costs.

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Fastening and Hanging Products

Learn more about our trusted trusted solutions for safer, more efficient job sites.


Industry Solutions

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Opportunities in Datacom continue to grow—and these job sites require specialized products. Learn how nVent is helping Datacom installations run more efficiently.

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Electrical Fastening Products

Learn more about our trusted trusted solutions for safer, more efficient job sites.

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Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinkler installations can be complex, particularly in seismic areas. nVent CADDY helps contractors save time and lower total installed cost of fire sprinkler installations.

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nVent CADDY rooftop solutions are specially designed to properly support heavy loads, minimize the chance of point loading or abrading the roof membrane, and ensure chemical compatibility with anything placed on the membrane.

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Seismic Bracing

The innovative line of nVent CADDY bracing systems was developed to help keep non-structural components intact after a seismic event and to minimize water damage resulting from leaks or ruptures.

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DSI Case Study

DSI Uses nVent CADDY Products to Gain an Edge in the Competitive Austin Market

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