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Metal Framing

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nVent CADDY Eristrut Strut Channel System

nVent CADDY Eristrut Strut Channel System

Telescoping Support Brackets

Telescoping Support Brackets

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PH3895.jpg image

ADK Strut End Cap

Strut channel end caps for a polished finish.
PH38408.jpg image

Telescoping Strut Replacement

Length djustable trapeze profile fits all standard attachments and hardware.
PH38404.jpg image

Telescoping Strut Replacement, No Nut

Revolutionary trapeze assembly that telescopes to size and comes with the hardware you need for the situation.
PH2349.jpg image

nVent CADDY Slick Nut

Adjustable channel nut for quick attachnents to strut channels.
PH38411.jpg image

Telescoping Strut Replacement, Retrofit

The adjustable trapeze profile reduces total installed cost by making retrofit jobs quick and simple.
PH34158.jpg image

Rectangular Post Base Plate

Post base for fixing channels to walls or floors.