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Advanced Industrial Solutions

nVent RAYCHEM Industrial Solutions

As the world’s largest provider of complete electrical heat management systems, primarily for the general process, oil and gas, chemical, and power generation industries, we provide industrial heat trace products and turnkey solutions.  

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Meet nVent RAYCHEM Pipeline Supervisor

Introducing, RAYCHEM Pipeline Supervisor, the world’s premier temperature critical pipeline monitoring software solution. Providing you with unprecedented access to pipeline performance trends and rich actionable data insights to keep your pipeline operating safely and efficiently.

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Meet nVent RAYCHEM TracerLynx

TracerLynx compresses project design schedules by combining every element needed to design a full heat management system, including client information, design data and deliverables where the entire project can be seamlessly managed across multiple concurrent users throughout the world.

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Industrial Pipe Freeze Protection

Roof & Gutter De-Icing

Industrial Temperature Maintenance

Long Pipeline Heating

Tank Heating

Tank Insulation

Frost Heave Protection

Offshore / Maritime Winterization

Fuel & Chemical Leak Detection Systems

Surface Snow Melting

Your Partner for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Services

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MRO services are paramount to minimize downtime. While our experts and contractors perform preventive audits at your facilities, our distributor partners ensure that heat tracing products are readily available. Together we avoid potential interruptions and keep your operations running.

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<span>Heating Cables</span>

Heating Cables

<span>Control, Monitoring and Sensing</span>

Control, Monitoring and Sensing

<span>Heating Components and Accessories</span>

Heating Components and Accessories

<span>Heating Kits and Units</span>

Heating Kits and Units

TraceCalc Net

Web-based tool to design a simple, multi-circuit heat trace system. 

TraceCalc Pro

Download our advanced software to design major heat tracing projects. 

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We Manage the Heat You Need

nVent TRACER is a global solutions expert in high quality electric heat management systems with the ability to provide engineering design services, procurement and fabrication, site services and post installation services anywhere in the world.

We understand the specific needs of your individual project and your business and in return will provide an optimized heat management solution focusing on providing safe, reliable, and cost effective heat tracing installations.

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