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Mineral Insulated

Two Hours of Fire Protection

Mineral insulated cable was designed with critical and essential circuit protection in mind, and is ideal for protection in buildings such as high-rises, subways, tunnels, airports, healthcare facilities and industrial and petrochemical plants. 


Mineral insulated technology uses only inorganic materials such as copper and magnesium oxide, which offers a unique combination of dependability and performance. 

Inorganic construction also means MI cable is an environmentally-friendly option and does not burn, produce smoke or contribute to ongoing fire emergencies. 

Other benefits of mineral insulated copper cable include: 

  • Superior ampacity: nVent PYROTENAX cables are approved to push more power through a smaller area, saving space in your overall design. 
  • Free Air Cable Rating: MI cable can be bundled with a variety of other cables, giving them a free air rating. Other systems can achieve free air, but often have to de-rate their ampacity or use more space in the overall design. 
  • Easy to Install: Unlike concrete construction methods, MI cable will not fail due to sensitive installation requirements. If the installation manual is followed, MI cable will be fire-rated every time. 

Ideal for retrofits: Our free air rating and ability to bundle with other cable types makes nVent PYROTENAX MI cable ideal for building retrofits. 

What is MI Cable?

Fire-rated Wiring Cable is a specialty wire used to power emergency response equipment such as fire pumps, fire fighter elevators, smoke extraction fans, backup generators and more. Learn more in our System 1850 video now.

Quick Voltage Drop Calculator

Configure voltage drop with this easy-to-use online calculator. 

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