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Electrical Fixing, Fastening & Support

Trusted solutions for safer, more efficient job sites

You can have it all by saving critical time and costs while running a safe and efficient job site. nVent CADDY fixing, fastening and support products are innovatively and intuitively designed to simplify installation with as few tools as possible while providing long-lasting performance.

Cable & Conduit

Mount cables and conduit with ease with our range of clips, clamps and supports.

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Ceiling & Acoustical

Get all you need for ceiling applications, including drop wires, hooks, chains and conduit support.

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Efficiently install pipes, tubes and HVAC ducts to struts.

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Rooftop Supports

Firmly attach pipe, conduit, ductwork, cables and equipment to a variety of roofing substrates.

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Seismic Bracing

The innovative line of nVent CADDY bracing systems was developed to help keep non-structural components intact after a seismic event and to minimize water damage resulting from leaks or ruptures.

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Structural Attachments

Securely fix clamps, boxes and accessories to beams, purlins and stud walls.

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Strut Systems

Strut support and metal framing systems to solve all types of fixing and fastening problems in the electrical, mechanical and Datacom industries.

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Stud Wall

Gain job site efficiencies with convenient all-in-one box, support bracket and mud ring.

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Threaded Rod Mounting Systems

Push-to-install design dramatically reduces the installation time of threaded rod support structures compared to conventional fasteners.

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Wire Rope Support System

The complete nVent CADDY Speed Link universal support system includes wire, locking device and preassembled hook end fitting.

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