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Low Voltage Power and Grounding

Trusted Solutions for Enclosures

Made for your complex, high-power installations, nVent ERIFLEX solutions improve reliability and enhance safety, while saving time, money, weight and space. With inventive designs, OEMs and panel shops in a variety of industries can achieve greater installation efficiency and long-lasting performance.

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Busbar Accessories

Save weight, space, cost and installation time with flexible systems that provide lasting reliability.

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Copper Busbars

An alternative to multiple, large cables, ERIFLEX copper busbars are used for making strong and reliable power and earth-ground connections with ease.

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DIN Profiles

nVent ERIFLEX DIN profiles allow rapid assembly of all types of framework to simplify the job and save contractors time.

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Distribution Blocks

Increase the number of outputs with just one input using a jump wire, while saving space with a compact design.

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Flexible Busbars

Flexible busbars can be bent, folded, or twisted with a very small bending radius for shorter and more compact power connections, improved aesthetics and easier installation.

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Flexible Power Braids and Shunts

Install braided conductors quickly with no lugs, cutting or stripping necessary.

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CPI Grounding and Bonding Braid, Stainless Steel.jpg image

Grounding and Bonding Braids

Ideal for applications using stainless steel pipe or tanks, including the food and beverage, building, transportation, oil and chemical industries.

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Low Voltage Insulators

Use fewer insulators with high-quality products that are three times stronger than the UL minimum.

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Start saving time, money, weight and space using nVent ERIFLEX solutions.

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