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Concrete Construction

Concrete Reinforcement Solutions for Buildings & Infrastructure

Mechanical splicing has become the preferred method of joining rebar because of its reliability. It also allows for design flexibility, saves time and materials costs—and it lasts. You can trust nVent LENTON concrete reinforcement solutions to perform to your exacting requirements and help you achieve greater efficiency.



Industry Solutions

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Cast-In-Place Concrete

Cast-in-place concrete gives you the ultimate strength for walls and foundations. Making them better and stronger are nVent LENTON reinforcement solutions designed for residential and commercial construction.

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Precast Concrete

Precast concrete gives flexibility to continue working in virtually any environment or weather condition—and nVent LENTON gives you peace of mind that it will be strong and durable.

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Concrete Construction Applications

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Shear Wall

nVent LENTON mechanical splices reduce congestion, and are ideal for fast and easy rebar placing when using sliding or climbing formwork.


Form Saver Anchor.jpg image

Wall Slab

nVent LENTON Form Savers for wall/slab or wall/beam connections eliminate the need to penetrate the formwork. These solutions are indispensable when using sliding or climbing formwork.


Mechanical Anchors.jpg image

Columns and Beams

nVent LENTON Terminator is ideal for rebar anchorage applications to eliminate hooked rebar, reduce congestion and simplify bar placement.


Position Transition Coupler.jpg image

Transition Couplers

nVent LENTON Transition Couplers are designed to splice different diameter bars.


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Future Expansion

Ideal for future extensions, nVent LENTON Couplers are supplied with thread-protective plastic caps, which can be removed to expose the coupler when construction recommences.


CTRL Case Study

See how nVent LENTON accelerated the piling process in U.K. railway installation.

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Grout Case Study

See how nVent LENTON grout performs in cold weather applications.

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