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Our Values

Our values reflect how we do business and how we interact with those around us. They’re central to our success.

It starts with Innovation and Adaptability. Not surprising for a company called nVent, right? That hunger for finding new, better solutions is fueled by our dedication to putting the Customer First in all that we do. It’s why we’re here. We hold ourselves to high standards when serving these customers and others, too, reflected in our Accountability for Performance value. It’s about not just meeting, but exceeding expectations to drive growth.

What’s it like to do business with us? To work here? We set the bar high. It’s about tackling challenges with Positive Energy. It’s about Respect & Teamwork, valuing the contributions from diverse voices coming together as one. In the most basic terms, it’s about Absolute Integrity.

nVent. We’re an electrical company on the move, grounded in values that spark a more secure world.