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girvan hospital case study

Legionella Protection & Seamless BMS Integration

Legionella Protection & Seamless BMS Integration

Girvan Community Hospital

Girvan, Scotland, UK


Needed a hot water distribution system that was not only highly energy efficient but also easy to install and balance. The system also had to be able to overcome the potential issues posed by legionella disease and to be compatible with the overall building management system (BMS). Time was also a major factor for the project as it demanded a quick turnaround, within a year from design to final commissioning.


Capable of maintaining water temperatures at a standard 55°C, the system also provided the capability to boost temperatures to 65°C periodically during legionella prevention cycles. Overall reductions in capital, running and maintenance costs have provided long-term benefits. The hospital received the award for Best Sustainable Design in the 2010 Building Better Healthcare Awards and the Health Facilities Scotland Award for Energy and Environment.