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Ultimate Splicing Systems and Mechanical Anchors

Maximize performance and simplify installation

The nVent LENTON Ultimate Splicing Systems and Mechanical Anchors are designed to enhance performance and shop efficiency while dramatically reducing difficulty of installation in the field.

Ultimate products are attached to the reinforcing steel using friction forging technology (commonly called friction welding). Each friction welder is manufactured with state-of-the-art control systems and quality monitoring to ensure every connection is produced as intended. The product design and optimized friction welding parameters maximize the performance of the rebar connections with multiple types and grades of rebar.

The Ultimate system is robust, allowing for the inherent variability of rebar while maintaining the highest level of performance.


  • Available in standard couplers, position couplers and mechanical anchors
  • Pre-qualified for Caltrans Ultimate and Caltrans Service applications
  • Splices meet ACI® 318 Type 1 and Type 2 mechanical splice performance with ASTM® A615 and A706 grades 60 through 80 rebar
  • Anchors available in 4x and 9x head sizes and pre-qualified for Caltrans use

nVent LENTON helps keep your projects on time, on budget and up to code through our specially engineered solutions that reduce labor and material costs.

Featured Products

MT12 Male Taper-Threaded Stud

FT12 Standard Coupler

MS15 Male Straight-Threaded Stud

PT15 Position Coupler

DR14 Mechanical Anchor


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