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Underfloor Heating

Reliable Floor Heating Solutions, Easily Installed

From bathrooms to living rooms, from homes to warehouses, enjoy the comfort of a warm floor. nVent RAYCHEM electric floor heating systems keep you warm and provide energy efficient comfort. Optimized for every building or house, with reduced installation times, wifi-enabled thermostats, warranty up to 20 years. 

nVent RAYCHEM underfloor heating systems bring luxurious comfort to hotel guests or apartment residents through the warmth of a heated floor.  Our underfloor heating products are designed to deliver equally distributed heat for all types of floor coverings. Our complete range of thermostats provides control options that enable you to manage your installation in the most energy efficient way; by reducing both the economical and environmental impact of your heating system.  

Other electrical underfloor heating facts: 

  • Electric underfloor heating is installed just below the floor surface, so the room warms up quickly
  • Thanks to even heat distribution, the thermostat can be set 2 degrees lower than usual without sacrificing comfort.
  • While heat radiation from a conventional heating system with radiators results in large temperature fluctuations (18-65 °C) in the room, heat from a floor heating system provides lower temperature fluctuations (20-25 °C) and evenly distributes heat where it is needed.

Customer Success Stories

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Luxurious Comfort for Wooden and Tiled Floors

Luxurious Comfort for Wooden and Tiled Floors Charters Ascot Ascot, Berkshire, UK Challenge: The luxury residential development demanded the highest...
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Efficient and Easy to Install Spa Solution

Efficient and Easy to Install Spa Solution Gleneagles Hotel Destination Spa Gleneagles, Scotland, UK Challenge: The project at this world...
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Transforming a Historic Castle and Convent to a 5 Star Hotel

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T2Red Self-Regulating Floor Heating Cable With Spooling System

Pre-terminated T2Red floor heating packages with SENZ WIFI touchscreen thermostat, suitable for new build or renovation and for all sub-floors and floor coverings.


T2Blue Floor Heating Cable

Pre-terminated T2Blue packages for floor heating application, typically in new build projects, installed directly in 10-50 mm of screed.


QuickNet Floor Heating Mat

For floor heating applications, ideal for renovation projects on all stable subfloors installed under tiles, stone, parquet, engineered wood or vinyl floors.


T2Red and Reflecta Self-Regulating Floor Heating System

For floor heating applications, new build or renovation and suitable for all sub-floors and floor coverings.


T2Green-5 Underfloor Heating Loose Cable

A constant wattage floor heating cable, particularly suitable for well insulated new build applications.

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