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E-Mobility Virtual World

Explore our range of electrical connection and protection solutions for e-mobility applications.

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Why Choose nVent to Support E-Mobility Projects?

At nVent, we help our e-mobility customers develop and build scalable solutions, save space, and get up and running quickly when facing increasing demand.
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Optimized Power and Protection for the Future of Transportation

Electrical vehicles (EVs) and electrically-powered transportation are critical to a more sustainable future. Customers investing in E-mobility production and infrastructure need solutions that are scalable, save space, and get them up and running quickly to keep up with accelerating demand.​

With our product and engineering expertise, nVent is a reliable partner across a wide variety of E-mobility applications.

Trust nVent for your E-mobility needs, including:

  • Standard and customized product solutions
  • Engineering and prototype installation support
  • Post-installation maintenance guidance



Critical Solutions for EV Infrastructure​



E-mobility is a continuously evolving field and EV manufacturers are expected to balance ever-increasing power requirements with moderate cost expectations. 

At nVent, we can leverage the expertise we have developed thanks to an extensive and comprehensive product range that brings together reliability and safety, by leveraging our ready-to-use solutions that reduce cost and space. 


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nVent E-mobility Solutions

nVent provides safe, resilient and cost-efficient solutions and services in e-mobility applications, and delivers complete and customizable expertise in reliable and easy-to-install solutions with a strong knowledge of international codes and standards and the uniqueness of the manufacturing process.

E-Mobility Market Overview

nVent offers solutions for low voltage power distribution and surge protection. Learn about our full product and service offering.

E-Mobility Vibration Testing Report

nVent conducts rigorous testing to ensure our product solutions meet performance standards. Download our testing results to learn how nVent ERIFLEX Solutions meet the ISO 6469-1 standard.


Sustainable EV Charging Solutions

Moderntec is Supporting Sustainable Infrastructure Across South Korea

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