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Die Zukunft der Verbindungs- und Schutzsysteme

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Electrification of Everything is Changing Our World

Electrification of everything is being driven by electric, technology and connectivity innovations that all business and communities benefit from to be a more connected world. As the world changes the investments in the infrastructure and technologies will be vital. These electrification trends are driving the innovation:


$3.5 Trillion in Investments*

Over the next 5 years of new infrastructure to deliver the 5G technology for the connected world.

*Oxford Economics Report 2019

Industry Automation

Industrial Automation

$330 Billion in Investments*

Changing how we make things with smart technologies and big data requiring new equipment in manufacturing.

*Fortune Business Insights 2020


Electricity Demand

2X Electricity Demand vs Energy Demand*

Growing rapidly with the electrification of transport, heat and need for connected devices and protecting data systems.

*World Energy Needs, World Nuclear Association 2020

Electric Transportation

$2.1 Trillion in Rail Investments*

Rail is a popular alternative for sustainable transportation requiring significant investments to modernize rail infrastructure.

*International Union of Railways 

Connecting and Protecting The Future of Electrification


What's NEXT

Connecting and Protecting the Future of Electrification. 

The Electrification of Everything is requiring our inventive solutions that benefit customers around the world every day, keeping lights on, data streaming and trains running on time.

Our products and solutions are critical for the future

Our Inventive Electrical Solutions

What's NEXT


What's NEXT

Smart Buildings

What's NEXT

Industrial Automation

What's NEXT

Smart Rail

What's NEXT

Smart Grids

What's NEXT

Smart Homes

What's NEXT

Renewable Energy



Connect and protect across broad range of applications that meet stringent regulatory standards and certifications


Protect equipment and electronics in hazardous environments to help avoid high cost of failure


Reducing labor cost in installation, improve utilization and minimize downtime

Real World Success Stories

Success Story

Electric Vehicle Stations

Success Story

5G Cellular Networks

nVent is Here To Connect and Protect

Our Mission: Wir bei nVent glauben, dass sichere Systeme für eine sichere Welt sorgen. We connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions

We're a high-performance electrical company with a dedicated team of 8,800 people with trusted brands for more than a 100 years. Bekannt für Innovation, Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit, verbinden und schützen unsere Produkte, und schaffen so einen Mehrwert für unsere Kunden aus den Bereichen Industrie, Gewerbe, Haushalt, Energie und Infrastruktur.

We're guided by our values and responsible on how we work with customers and communities. 

nVent Marken

We've been in the business of connection and protection for more than a 100 years. Learn more about our world class brands. 

Soziale Verantwortung

Our social responsibility efforts are centered on three areas – people, products and the planet. Wir leben jeden Tag soziale Verantwortung – durch unsere Mitarbeiter, unsere Betriebe und unsere Communitys.

Unsere Werte

Unsere Werte zeigen, wie wir Geschäfte machen und wie wir mit unseren Mitmenschen umgehen. Sie sind entscheidend für unseren Erfolg.

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