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Since 1962, SCHROFF has been a world leader among developers and manufacturers of electronics packaging components and systems. Our products and complete solutions combine the know-how of our specialists in the integration of mechanics, electronics and climate control together with many years of experience with the most diverse application requirements. They are based on globally standardised product platforms that support rapid, future-proof and cost-effective development.

With the SCHROFF brand, nVent can offer design, project management, prototype  and model construction, testing, certification, pre-production and series production under one roof. We can provide fully-equipped and verified systems from a single source – a service that you would demand from a leading supplier - quickly and tailored to your specific requirements and we will remain a reliable partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your products, worldwide.

Sicherheit, Vielseitigkeit, Flexibilität

Bahntechnik-Anwendungen können eine Herausforderung sein – aber nVent hilft Zügen, pünktlich und sicher zu fahren. Unsere Elektronikgehäuse und verwandte Produkte widerstehen rauen Umgebungsbedingungen und bieten gleichzeitig einen einfachen Zugang zu den Systemen im Inneren. Whether you need cabinets, subracks or cases for installation on board of railway vehicles or trackside in buildings and control rooms, nVent SCHROFF’s modular platform lets you put together exactly the right solution for your unique needs. 

Beautiful railway station with modern high speed red commuter train with motion blur effect at colorful sunset in Nuremberg, Germany. Railroad with vintage toning

On-Board and Rolling Stock

nVent provides SCHROFF cabinets, subracks, systems, front panels and small form factor computers that encase the on-board electronics of train control systems with durable solutions that can withstand railway shock and vibration.

Outdoor Trackside

Benötigen Sie einen widerstandsfähigen Schutz für Ihre kleinen und großen Stellwerke? Kein Problem. Wählen Sie aus unserer Palette an Indoor- und Outdoor-Schaltschränken und -Wandgehäusen mit IP-Schutz.

Trackside Shelter

Trackside shelters can host multiple applications including telecommunications and signaling. Decentralized network can place additional demands on trackside shelters supporting a sub-control center.

Modern plant control room and computer monitors

Technical Room

Control centers are where all the elements of an efficient rail network come together. Vital supervision and signaling equipment can sit alongside Passenger Information Systems, CCTV, SCADA and Advanced Ticketing Systems.

Railway Tunnel

Protecting sensitive electronics for vital signaling and communications in a tunnel environment can present challenges. nVent SCHROFF cabinets and enclosures often consider shock and vibration, temperature, humidity, corrosion,  pressure wave fluctuations and surface reflectivity when proposing an appropriate solution.

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