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Electronics Cabinet with In-Rack Cooling


Varistar CP LHX + liquid cooled cabinet

For applications requiring a fully enclosed cabinet, nVent SCHROFF offers a cost-effective cooling solution with the new LHX 5 kW and 10 kW air/water heat exchanger including control unit. The tandem development of the air/water heat exchanger with a control unit tailored to the Varistar CP cabinet platform ensures optimal performance.

The Varistar CP LHX+ Electronics Cabinet is perfectly suitable for applications if:

The demand for precision testing is rising due to: ​

  • The higher complexity of test objects​

  • Handling of multi-sensor technology  ​

Decentralized set-up is required:

  • To position equipment closer to measurements ​

  • For edge computing applications 



Space-Saving & Modular Cabinet

Available starting at 600 mm W x 800 mm D footprint per cabinet. Including EMC and up to IP55 protection.

Scalable Cooling Performance

Adopting from 5 kW to 10 kW during operations, while infrastructure in the cabinet stays the same.

Precision Control

Controller with precise temperature regulation accuracy of +/- 0.1°C.

Greater Productivity, Higher Safety

Heat exchanger control directly at the cabinet or via remote access control 


Complete Solution Offering

Varistar CP LHX cabinet

19" EMC cabinet, with in-rack air/water heat exchanger in the lower section, multiple sensors, and control unit in the upper section, providing precise temperature control and remote access. 

  • Standard configurations on-stock
  • Change rack size, accessories, and branding based on your individual needs 
  • Air/Water Heat Exchanger as retrofittable piece part available
  • Includes remote access for one or multiple racks
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Varistar CP Electronics Cabinet

in rack cooling, electronics cabinet with in rack cooling, rack cooling

Modify your rack to your needs

With the modular Varistar CP electronics cabinet platform, you can choose from 100 cabinet dimensions, a variety of off-the-shelf components, EMC compliance, and IP 55 protection. 

The cabinet can be placed in a decentralized location and in a dusty and unmaintained environment (e.g. a tunnel). With its size of only 600 mm W x 800 mm D it provides a reduced footprint. 

  • Cabinet dimensions 600 mm W x 800 mm D or 600 mm W x 1000 mm D​

  • Lever handle locks with 333 profile half-cylinder​

  • Effective cable ducting without negative effect on​ High IP or EMC functions

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Air/Water Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger, in rack cooling, cooling distribution units

Scale up your cooling performance

The cooling capacity can be increased during operation without adapting the infrastructure inside the cabinet. A single fan with 5 kW cooling capacity can be exchanged for a double fan unit with 10 kW cooling capacity.

You can upgrade the cooling performance easily, which reduces the required installation work to a minimum. It also reduces OPEX as scaling up can be achieved through hot swaps.  

Key features​:

  • Easy to mount and retrofit​
  • Front to back cooling​
  • 19" heat exchanger installed in the lower cabinet section​
  • Scalable cooling performance​
    • Double fan unit for 10 kW cooling performance​
    • Single fan unit for 5 kW cooling performance​
  • Strict separation of cold and warm exhausted air​
  • Cooling is close to equipment; quick regulation water and air volume flow​
  • Power supply with a wide range ​
    • 240 V as standard​
    • 115 V on request
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  • The fans can be exchanged without having to replace the heat exchanger​
  • Air flow volume of ~ 1000 / 1800 m³/h​
  • Water flow temperature from 6°C to 25°C​
  • Ambient temperature from 5°C to 50°C
  • Temperature can be regulated manually with the remote on the door​
  • Temperature can be regulated remotely through a central management system connected via Ethernet / Modbus / Web Server​ / SNMP
  • Heat exchanger shuts off when the door is opened​




Monitor via Remote Access

The high-precision temperature control of the LHX+ is realized via a likewise modular control unit with the option of remote monitoring and remote control. The temperature can be controlled via a door-mounted terminal with a display and keypad as well as remotely via Ethernet access and web interface. 

Whether minor or major adjustments to the controllers are required, the electronics cabinet does not need to be opened. 

in rack cooling, electronics cabinet with in rack cooling, rack cooling


  • Separate, compact 19″ control unit​

  • Without loose wires in upper cabinet section​

  • Clearly marked plug & play sensor connections​

  • Clean cable management on the frame

in rack cooling, electronics cabinet with in rack cooling, rack cooling


  • Temperature regulation accuracy of +/- 0.1°C​

  • Differential pressure sensor for fan speed control as standard​

  • Optional coolant flow and temperature monitoring

LHX+ Remote Access Control


  • Terminal with display and keyboard on front door for control without opening the door​

  • Ethernet access for remote access control (SNMP, Modbus, TCP, web interface)​

  • Synchronization and web server for network configuration​


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Helpful Resources

Sell Sheet

Overview of full product offering

Test Report LHX 5 kW

Cooling Performance, Noise and Airflow Test for 29714-017.

Test Report LHX 10 kW

Cooling Performance, Noise and Airflow test for 29714-016

User Manual

User Manual for LHX+ 5 and 10 kW Version



Press Release

The LHX+ arrives at a perfect time: as the electronic density in applications increases, the demand for precise system cooling is also rising.

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Application Story

We successfully kept the temperature constant up to 0.05 K during a complete test series. We are proud of our achievement!
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