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In-Building Networks


Everything is changing, and so is your network.  Whether it's the key to your company's competitive advantage or keeping you connected to your customers and employees, your network is critical to the progress of your business.  At nVent, we've designed our solutions to not only meet the demands of today's changing network, but also give you the flexibility and control to take advantage of future technologies. We offer one of the industry's broadest ranges of networking cabinets, accessories and modification options, cooling solutions, access control options, and power management solutions. nVent can help you design your solutions for in-building networks with 5G connectivity inside buildings, with the ability to bring multiple technologies together over a single, simplified infrastructure.



Racks & Enclosures

Wall-Mount Enclosures

Free-Standing Enclosures

WiFi Enclosures

Networking Racks

Power & Monitoring

Access Control

Power Management

Monitoring Gateway

Cable Management

Fixing & Fastening

Cable Management

Cable Pathways

In-door grounding & Surges Protectives Devices

Signal Reference Grid


Surge Protection Devices

Ground Bar

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