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Customer Success Stories

Innovation in Action

Learn how nVent is connecting and protecting customers across the world with inventive electrical solutions. 

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Offering advanced products, superior technical support, proven project execution strategies and a global organization, nVent is an ideal partner for customers all over the world who count on us to supply the knowledge, products, and services they need to connect and protect some of the world's most sensitive equipment, buildings and critical processes.

We are proud of our reputation for putting the customer first in every area of our operations. We feel that this attitude is one of the most important contributors to our success and to the success of the customers we serve.


Featured Customer Success Story

The Evolution of Energy: Discovering New Possibilities in Energy Storage

One nVent customer is building innovative, sustainable energy storage systems with the help of nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced.

Liquid Cooling

Bringing Critical Leak Detection Solutions to Tropical Climate Data Center Research

Many data centers around the world are constructed in cold climates. Using existing cold, dry air to cool data center IT is a great way to manage energy costs and support the efficiency of cooling systems. 

Energy Storage Solar Panel

Leveraging nVent solutions, EPEC/QT is changing the solar industry

EPEC_QT worked with nVent to create a custom enclosure that houses the entire combiner and switchboard system.

protecting-the-online-world-from-costly-disruption.jpeg image

Protecting the Online World from Costly Disruption

nVent worked with Hanley Energy to support a backup battery system that ensures a critical data center stays operational. 

Successful Partnership

Stainless Steel Freestand Enclosure application in catastrophic environment

System integrator in Florida partners with nVent HOFFMAN engineering team to meet flood-zone protection needs.

Data Center Efficiency

Partnering With 2bm to Drive Data Center Efficiency

To execute the data center retrofit, 2bm and nVent used an nVent rack-based containment solution featuring the nVent RackChiller Rear Door Cooler (RDC).

ModCenter3-1536x1042.png image

With nVent ModCenter, Small Business Grows into Major Player

South Coast Controls relies on the nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter 293 to take on difficult and dangerous tasks and produce high-quality results.

ElectricBusStory.png image

ModernTec: Electric Bus Charging Station

nVent delivered labor savings, reliability and ease of installation to support this important public transportation project for a customer in South Korea. elect

Midland 4.jpg image

Saving Time and Labor on a High-Profile Construction Project

nVent LENTON products provide essential, structural connections and ease of installation for Midland Steel Reinforcement Supplies.

lightning-strike-protection-hazardous-liquids.jpeg image

Protecting Hazardous Liquids Against Lightning Strikes

CTS partnered with nVent engineers in the Middle East to design a better solution for its storage tank grounding systems.

DESY photo 1.jpg image

nVent Solutions Help DESY Scientists Conduct Cutting-Edge Research

Along with researchers and engineers across the world, DESY and nVent SCHROFF developed the specifications for a new standard.

just-enough-copper-keep-thieves-away.png image

Just Enough Copper to Keep Thieves Away

Telecommunication company sees reduced copper theft at sites with nVent's unique solutions.

how-stop-copper-thief-good-disguise.jpeg image

How to Stop a Copper Thief: a Good Disguise

nVent customer BC Hydro is better positioned to respond to cable theft and avoid costly replacement expenses.

protecting-cellular-wireless-networks-australia.jpeg image

On the Roam: Protecting Cellular Wireless Networks in Australia

nVent engineers piloted a new grounding system to replace copper tape with nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Round Conductors.



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