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Connectors and Positioners

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Compression Coupler for Copper-Bonded Ground Rod, Pointed

Ground Rod Connectors

Grounding Busbar Connector, Solid Round Conductor

Grounding Busbar Connectors

Cable to Metal Fastener

Structural Connectors

516 Parallel Cable Connector

Conductor to Conductor Connectors

Fence Clamp, One Conductor

Pipe, Fence and Gate Connectors

Rebar Grounding Clamp, Parallel

Rebar Connectors

Universal Pedestal Clamp with Cable Management, MBNUPCJ240

Pedestal Connectors

nVent ERICO Ericontact Insertion Tool Battery

Rail Connectors

nVent ERICO Railclips and Conductor Management Clips

nVent ERICO Railclips and Conductor Management Clips

Adhesive Cable Fastener

Positioners and Attachments

Drive-In Anchor with Nail

Hardware and Adhesives

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Water Pipe Ground Clamp

Used for connecting copper conductors to metallic water pipe or ground rods.
PH31932.jpg image

Compression Straight Lug

Lug for straight compression connection.
PH36639.jpg image

nVent ERICO Railclips, Wooden Tie, PVC Holder Kit

PH33973.jpg image

Glued Clip Kit

Clip/plate assembly permanantly glued to the rail used to fix cables longitudally or transversely to the rail.
PH33945.jpg image

nVent ERICO Railclips, Hammer-On, Conductor Parallel Inside

Hammer on rail clip used to fix a single rail cable parallel to the rail. Clip opening faces inside the rail.
PH3051.jpg image

Bi-Metallic Tape Connector

Bi-metallic tape connector used to connect points between copper and aluminum tape conductor in a straight run.
PH3073.jpg image

Snap Close Conductor Clamp

Snap Close Clamps for raised support and positioning of conductors.
PH20005.jpg image

Fence Clamp, One Conductor

Can provide ideal mounting points for conductors used throughout your grounding and bonding system.
PH2038.jpg image

Cable to Metal Fastener

Cable to metal fastener used to provide threaded bonding location for lightning conductors.
PH3543.jpg image

Push In Tape Clip

Push in tape connector to secure lightning protection conductor and prevent displacement.