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From the Edge to the Cloud

Trust in nVent to Secure Mission Critical Data Availability Combined with Optimized Efficiency at Minimal Cost of Ownership.

Racks and Cabinets

            <div>Server and Networking Cabinets</div>

Server and Networking Cabinets

            <div>Wall-Mount Cabinets and Racks</div>

Wall-Mount Cabinets and Racks

            <div>Open Frame Racks</div>

Open Frame Racks

            <div>Outside Plant Products</div>

Outside Plant Products

            <div>Seismic Products</div>

Seismic Products

Cooling, Power Distribution and Cable Management

            <div>Thermal Management</div>

Thermal Management

            <div>Power Management</div>

Power Management

            <div>Cable Management</div>

Cable Management

            <div>Cable Pathway</div>

Cable Pathway

            <div>Networking Accessories</div>

Networking Accessories

Additional Products

            <div>Leak Detection</div>

Leak Detection

            <div>Telescopic support brackets</div>

Telescopic support brackets

            <div>Flexible Busbar</div>

Flexible Busbar

            <div>Containment System</div>

Containment System

            <div>Access Control</div>

Access Control


High Availability At Minimal Operational Costs.

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nVENT Data Center and Networking

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            <div>Flexible Conductors</div>

Flexible Conductors

Solutions to Optimize the Design of Electrical Power & Earth/Ground Connections.

            <div>RackPower PDUs</div>

RackPower PDUs

Infrastructure under Control - Intelligent Power Distribution Units

            <div>Find Leaks Before They Find You</div>

Find Leaks Before They Find You

Fast, accurate and reliable leak detection for optimum safety and environmental protection.

            <div>Fixing, Fastening & Support Products</div>

Fixing, Fastening & Support Products

For Electrical Installation and Datacom & Telecom

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